P is for Profile vol1 - Feifei

Yesterday global girl and S IS FOR SHOP friend Feifei stopped by the studio to hang for a bit. You might have come across her profile on instagram, if not peep it here. Her style is forever fresh and on point, with a beautiful mix of streetwear and high fashion her looks admired from far and wide.   

Where are you from? 

China (Beijing) 

Favourite type of food?

Asian, Korean food in particular 

Favourite restaurant? 

Assa (Soho), it's a Korean spot I love  

Last song you listened to?

Lil Nas X, Old Town Road lol 


One thing you’re looking forward to doing this year? 

Figuring out what I want to do in life! 

Recommend us one place to visit in Beijing

Sanlitun beijing, its a really cool shopping district  

What did you eat for breakfast?

Nothing I'm on a diet lol!

Top three places in London

Soho and Shoreditch.. mmmm and that's it  

Top 3 products on the website 

1. PAM - More Fun With Friends Tee - available here 

2. Marni - Kiss Print Short Sleeve Shirt - available here

3. Champion - Grey Cuffed Bottoms - available here